M     O     O     R     E     S     V     I     L     L     E
A Traditional Methodist Community

Church Beliefs

Image of the Broad Street Church sanctuary stained glassBroad Street Methodist Church is a Traditional Methodist Community that believes at its core the Wesleyan heritage of Salvation. Jesus Christ who is the incarnation of God, is the only way to the Father in heaven. Therefore, if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Christ died and God raised Him from the death, you shall be saved.

Our doctrine and theology is expressed through the writings and teachings of two brothers who came out of the Protestant Reformation. John and Charles Wesley believed in the primacy of scripture and the necessity of grace and faith to enter the priesthood of all believers. John and Charles Wesley created structures and communities alongside the church to help educate, nurture and created informed disciples of Christ. These disciples were charged with spreading the gospel message through words and their actions. To perform works of piety and acts of mercy to help those in need. To share the life changing words of grace through faith, through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary.

At Broad Street Church, Mooresville we continue that tradition believe and understanding of salvation through grace by faith. We uphold that the scriptures are the infallible word of God. Scriptures that can speak and move people to God's Justifying Grace and to a life of extraordinary works and acts through the Holy Spirit that lives within us. For more information about our theology and Methodist Tradition please see the Global Methodist Church Catechism and Book of Doctrines and Discipline.

Located near downtown Mooresville at:
355 South Broad Street
Mooresville, NC 28115

(704) 663-2161


Image of the original Broad Street Church bellImage of the Broad Street Church cornerstoneImage of the Broad Street Church sign

Church History

Broad Street Church began in 1920 after many of the men who fought in World War I made their way back home. From 1920 thru 2023, the church was known as Broad Street United Methodist Church. In May of 2023, the church joined the Global Methodist Church and changed it's name to Broad Street Church, Mooresville.